Professor Lemfather

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In Exoplanet's Universe Professor Lemfather is an infamous personality in the high ranked scientific society. Ambitious and ill-tempered genius (as he likes to define himself), he demonstrates both huge talent and sometimes frightening obsession with his quite exotic ideas. Lemfather rose quickly to the top of the scientific world and fell deeper than any of his rival due to his lack of ethical sense an total immunity to the common moral. Professor was always a proponent of extreme measures and an adept of the “crucial experiment” approach in his studies, who never rely on the pure theories (especially suggested by other scientist). The consequences of his bold and often illegal experiments have left many visible marks in his own appearance. Some of this augmentations and scars will play significant roles in the quests of Exoplanet as well. Currently Professor Lemfaher has the status of the dangerous special criminal and is wanted in many Old Worlds for his shady dealings. At the moment he has dug in on the dusty peripheral planet K'Tarsis for some unknown reason, maybe searching for some proves of his crazy hypotheses or in pursuit of the treasures of some ancient alien culture. Who knows?

This selfish and cunning man with his wide criminal connections beyond the K'Tharsis could be a powerful ally for the hero but also can become a fearsome foe, if you dare to interfere in his business.