Jack Sharp

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Jack Sharp

You start your adventures on K'Tarsis as Jack Sharp, a space nomad and skilled gunslinger, who was unfortunate enough to land on this remote and dangerous planet.

Jack does not talk much about his past, he is mostly concerned about his present. Oh his old but sturdy freighter starship he roams the borders of the Known Space in search for work and loot sometimes going beyond the law.

He may seem to be a lazy and phlegmatic lad, even a simple-minded person, but first impression is deceptive. Behind this mask he hides keen intellect and explosive temper. All sort of conflicts and adventures make him shine. Jack likes to risk and needs some challenge to show his best features. Actually his big ego and thirst for money could have already caused his death many times if there were no phenomenal luck on his side. His tongue is quick but so are his hands: Jack never hesitates to make his guns an ultimate argument in a hard conversation. Sometimes he is a real badass.

However Jack is rather an antihero and the last thing he is thinking about is to save other people lives and doing things for free, he has his own code of honour and couldn't be called a real scoundrel.

After his arrival on K'Tarsis our hero has lost his starship and was enslaved by some criminals. Jack must recover his freedom and avenge his foes. Later he get himself involved in a dangerous race for famous treasure left hidden on K'Tarsis by legendary Captain Nemo. Jack must explore the wild planet and its darkest secrets and soon he will become a part of epic events and fascinating stories!